Thanks for visiting! I am a native New Yorker based in Los Angeles and I love it here. An avid hiker, the first thing I noticed in LA was the golden touched air. Second thing, the people, as warm and welcoming as the sun rays coming through my windows on those first, surprisingly chilly, LA mornings. 
But how did I get here...a lot of hard work, courage & risk. Like many, I dreamed of storytelling since childhood. No matter the difficulties faced day to day, my parent's love of words, history and cinema offered escapes that I lived and breathed in.

Dreams are fine and good but not a reality to a humble, working class family in New York. I'd like to tip my hat here to Jon Stewart.  When he told his Uncle he wanted to be a Comedienne his reply was "What?! Do you think you're special?!" No, not special, just driven. 

And the drive has been thrilling so far! First training as a 
Chef, then a Medievalist at University, where I met and lived in France with Ann Haskell, my mentor. Upon returning from France, I worked in Advertising to pay for University, then Graduate School at night, then Conservatory, then Stage, Film & collaborative projects with friends & colleagues.

As fate would have it, Elisa Bocanegra asked me to assist in launching a secondary location for HERO Theatre, a classic theatre troupe guided by Elisa and Olympia Dukakis. I moved here six months later and began working in Voice Over and started my own production company, Ambitious Productions, with Gavin Stokes.

In a nutshell, I flourish by imbibing life and truth into words and images. When not in the booth or in production you can usually find me in my garden, on the trail or whipping something up in the kitchen. And, with a bit of hope and love, a return to travel and time spent with far off loved ones.
As a nod to my dear parents, I am that little girl who jumped into the deep end the pool and never looked back. 
Ever warmly,
Suzanne Cate
P.s. All photos where shot and are owned by me. Enjoy!