I am a native New Yorker (go Dodgers & Yankees) based in Los Angeles. An avid hiker, the first thing I noticed in LA was the golden touched air. Second thing, the people, as warm and welcoming as the sun rays coming through my windows on those first, surprisingly chilly, LA mornings. 


I am a lifelong student & storyteller. Beginning with skits performed for my parents to training as a chef, living in France, off broadway plays, sound recording, producing, directing and voicing vixens, villains & cops on Gotham for Warner Bros.  Every experience along the way, It all comes down to growth and stories shared.


Nerdy facts, I do math online. I continue to study the cello, but sadly nooo, I cannot play Bach’s Cello Suite No 1, In G Major.


When not in the booth or in production, you can usually find me in my garden with Friday the cat, on the trail or whipping something up in the kitchen. 



P.s. All photos where shot and are owned by me. Enjoy!